Ice-To-Ice Comparison:

How Quick & Pure Stacks Up Against DSD Bagged Ice Suppliers

C-Store owners and operators know that keeping ice merchandisers stocked with bagged ice is essential for capturing sales, especially during peak season. Unfortunately, the traditional reliance on Direct Store Delivery (DSD) leaves many C-stores playing a perpetual game of catch-up when it comes to unpredictable supply and volatile pricing. Transportation bottlenecks, driver shortages, and fuel hikes increasingly put ice profits at risk right as demand spikes.

Does Quick & Pure’s on-site, on-demand ice production technology future-proof the C-store ice supply chain? We put it to the test with an ice-to-ice comparison. Read on to see how Quick & Pure stacks up against DSD-bagged ice suppliers.

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Ice Quality and Freshness

Quick & Pure

Quick & Pure's on-site production guarantees the freshest ice available, continuously made within hours, ensuring optimal quality.


In contrast, DSD ice is produced and warehoused for extended periods before it reaches a C-store, compromising quality and freshness from degradation over time and handling during prolonged transport.

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Supply Chain Reliability

Quick & Pure

Quick & Pure's self-contained production eliminates supply chain shortages, providing C-stores with unparalleled control over their ice supply and the ability to maintain optimal inventory levels.


Conversely, C-stores relying on DSD frequently experience stock-outs between delivery windows, leading to customer dissatisfaction and lost sales opportunities.


Operational Efficiency

Quick & Pure

Quick & Pure's automated technology streamlines operations and drives inventory savings. By eliminating the need for manual ice delivery check-ins, C-store staff can focus on other tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.


DSD models require labor-intensive validation, handling, and reconciliation of ice volumes with each delivery, leading to increased effort and potential inaccuracies.

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Quality Consistency

Quick & Pure

Quick & Pure technology ensures premium, consistent quality from bag to bag and from store to store, mitigating risks associated with deviations in standards, purity, or processing methods and ensuring uniform quality.


DSD ice faces challenges in quality assurance, as production occurs remotely across multiple suppliers with inconsistent processing standards.


Real-Time Data Accuracy

Quick & Pure

Quick & Pure maintains accurate real-time production data, enabling superior forecasting and mitigating potential vendor fraud.


DSD models rely on periodic order-to-receipt reconciliation, which may not offer the same level of real-time insights and decision-making capabilities.

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Quick & Pure

Quick & Pure's commitment to sustainable operations extends beyond its on-site production, boasting low energy consumption and a minimal carbon footprint.


In contrast, DSD models heavily rely on truck delivery, significantly increasing transportation emissions and their overall carbon footprint.

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Branding and Promotion

Quick & Pure

Quick & Pure offers complete custom branding, allowing C-stores to showcase their brand and raise awareness.


In contrast, unmarked DSD bags lack branding capability, limit marketing opportunities, and long-term customer retention efforts related to ice products.

Quick & Pure emerges as a game-changer for C-stores, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the shortcomings of traditional DSD models. With its on-site production technology ensuring freshness, reliability, and sustainability, Quick & Pure equips businesses to future-proof their operations and thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape. As C-store owners and operators look to future-proof their operations, Quick & Pure stands out as a reliable partner poised to redefine the standards of excellence in the ice supply chain.

Future-Proof Your Ice Sales With Quick & Pure