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The Next Generation of C-Store Bagged Ice Is Here.

Produce & Dispense Premium Ice. On Demand.

The Quick & Pure Ice System is a fully automatic, self-contained ice production station that dispenses a freshly packaged, sealed bag of ice in just seconds. Quick & Pure’s smart technology transforms the bagged ice market, delivering operational advantages, streamlining service, and driving C-Store sales and profits. It’s the ice system made for the 21st century C-Store.

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Ice is produced and bagged on-site, meaning no lost sales due to reliance on ice deliveries and sluggish supply chains.

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Produces fresh ice every time, and is a consistent product from

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No Upfront Costs to You

Quick & Pure ice stations are placed and installed without charge, no capital investment required.

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Our system ensures accurate inventory that can’t be tampered with.

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We do all the maintenance and remotely monitor our Ice Stations. No moving ice. No deliveries to check in. No servicing required.

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Custom bags, machine skins, and digital branding can be customized with company branding to increase awareness.

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innovative ice

Continuous high-capacity, on-site ice production means no turning away business, while smart machine innovation tracks every bag.

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no servicing

Quick & Pure remotely monitors machine operations, meaning the ice station is virtually maintenance-free.

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high-production capacity

Ice station configurations are available to produce up to 520 10lb bags of ice every 24 hours.

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digital display

The customizable digital display integrates with current marketing campaigns.

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custom branding

Custom brand the entire machine to visually enhance C-Store marketing.

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Bags are made with a biodegradable, plastic hybrid blend to keep ice fresh and are approved by the How2Recycle campaign.

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Ready to give your old ice machine
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Quick & Pure Ice Systems vs Old School Delivered Ice

Quick & Pure - Compare
  • Freshest Ice available anywhere.
  • High-capacity, self-contained, on-site ice production eliminates supply chain struggles.
  • No moving ice. Produced at point of sale. Labor free.
  • No deliveries to check in.
  • Same high-quality product from store to store.
  • Customize bags with stores logo, sales promotions.
  • Accurate accounting.
  • Continuously produced, in stock and ready to sell.
  • Remotely monitored and maintained for trouble-free operations.
  • Low carbon footprint.
Delivered Ice
  • Ice can be months old. Poor quality.
  • Out of stock waiting for the ice delivery.
  • Must move the ice from the storage to the sales freezer.
  • Ice deliveries must be checked in for accurate count several times a month.
  • Multiple Ice suppliers - multiple kinds of Ice.
  • Bag customization not available.
  • Accounting must reconcile books by confirming how much ice was ordered and what was received.
  • Production is dependent on the supplier's schedule and inventory capacity.
  • Relies on employees to communicate malfunctions and inventory levels, which can cause delays and loss of sales.
  • Large carbon footprint.

Quick & Pure is Environmentally Friendly


    Quick and Pure technology allows ice to be made on site with zero carbon footprint.


    Ice Stations erase the need for freight deliveries, sustainably supporting zero emissions.


    Quick & Pure Ice systems reduce energy consumption by removing the need for merchandise storage.

Quick & Pure Technology Promotes Social Responsibility
Q&P Ice Bag

Quick & Pure's bag are made of a plastic hybrid blend that keeps ice fresh, plus the bags are approved through the How2Recycle campaign.

  • The fewer warehouses for product supply - the better!
  • Elimination of forklifts for material supply
  • Poly bags meet the How2Recycle program requirements

Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold

Quick & Pure Ice Systems are the future of C-Store bagged ice.

  • Increase sales & profits
  • No up-front costs - only pay for bags
  • Eliminate lost sales due to out of stock
  • No store employee maintenance
  • Remote system monitoring
  • No unaudited vendor theft
  • Fresh Ice daily
  • No wasted space - system replaces one freezer space
  • Meets environmental sustainability goals of the circular economy
Frank Testimonial - Pink

"I would like to take this opportunity to give my full endorsement to the Quick & Pure Ice System.

As the owner of the highest volume convenient stores in my area, I must be on top of all aspects of my operation to reduce costs. The Quick & Pure Ice System has virtually eliminated all labor costs associated with our packaged ice program.

The Quick & Pure Ice System produces a fresh, clean, sealed bag of ice on demand. I have my system outside as it is refrigerated allowing me to free up my valuable freezer space. I no longer need to check in the ice deliveries, there is no moving the ice from the outside storage unit to the sale door inside. There is no theft of ice. This system is completely automatic. The product is the best quality I have ever seen. The System makes Ice, bags it, seals and dispenses all in one small unit. It even has two-way communication to notify me of sales and system operations. This system is truly amazing!

The Quick & Pure team are a pleasure to work with and handles the entire placement process in a very professional manner."


Convenience Store Owner

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