Quick & Pure Transforms C-Store Chain into Ice Hub with 63% Profit Surge

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Quick & Pure Transforms C-Store Chain into Ice Hub with 63% Profit Surge

  • The Background

What happens when you combine collaboration and proactive planning with fully automated ice innovation and record-breaking heat? You get West Texas’ newest go-to ice destination — leveraging Quick & Pure’s on-site ice production technology to meet customer demand and break bagged ice sales records and profits.

This high-volume, 24-hour C-store chain is operated in Lubbock, Texas. Constant traffic and constant summer heat means running out of ice is not an option. With a newly installed Quick & Pure high-capacity, self-contained 6-foot ice production station/merchandiser and a 5-foot back stock cooler, the busy C-store knew they now had what it takes to rise to the challenge of 24/7 freshly bagged ice that’s in-stock and ready to sell.

Customer Profile

  • High-volume, 24-hour C-Store Chain in Lubbock, Texas
  • Regularly running out of ice
  • Unable to keep up with demand
  • Losing sales and turning away customers

Optimizing ice supply would be critical to meet customer demand and enhance customer satisfaction, especially during the store’s busiest times, like July 4th. Hands-on, proactive ice management was the way to get there, and Quick & Pure was at the ready, sharing job aids and pro tips and in constant communication to help the C-store chain succeed.

  • THE Solution

Quick & Pure worked with the C-store team to develop strategies that ensured a continuous stock of freshly bagged ice.


Like clockwork, the team regularly back stocked the 5-foot cooler with freshly bagged ice produced in the Quick & Pure 6-foot merchandiser.


Utilizing Quick & Pure’s easy-to-follow job aids and in-person practice, the C-store team completed training that maximized ice station performance, including ensuring that every bag of ice was stacked flat and well-organized to optimize capacity.


Each team member understood their responsibility was to routinely back stock ice into the cooler, check ice production, organize bag placement inside the merchandiser, and restock the bag supply when needed.

  • THE Result

Leveraging Quick & Pure’s in-store replenishment system and efficient back stocking, the C-store chain has broken sales and profits records — averaging 133 bags of fresh ice sold daily, exceeding customer expectations, and keeping the store in ice all day, every day. The team is utilizing their Quick & Pure ice station precisely how it is designed to be used, transforming the store into Lubbock’s go-to ice hub.

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