How Quick & Pure Empowered An Independent C-store To Take Control Of Its Ice Supply And Smash Sales Records By 76%


How Quick & Pure Empowered An Independent C-store To

Take Control Of Its Ice Supply And Smash Sales Records By 76%

  • The Background

What happens when you eliminate undependable, unpredictable 3rd party ice deliveries and replace them with Quick & Pure’s on-site ice production? You get North Dallas’ top-producing independent C-store — and a steady stream of loyal ice-buying customers.

This independent C-store is located along the North Dallas beltline, connecting the suburbs to downtown. The store boasts a wide demographic of daily customers, from early-morning construction workers filling large coolers to late-afternoon business professionals needing ice to accompany their happy hour purchases.

Customer Profile

  • Independently owned C-store in Dallas, Texas
  • High traffic, commuter location
  • Frequent ice stockouts
  • Unreliable and erratic 3rd Party ice deliveries

The independent C-store had an ice delivery problem — the well-known 3rd party ice delivery company didn’t want to go outside their route to deliver to the store. The result? 80% of the store’s ice inventory experienced daily stockouts. That meant the C-stores’ two indoor merchandisers and three double-door outside merchandisers sat empty, with only 1-1/2 merchandisers holding old, bagged ice to sell.

  • THE Solution

Coordinating with the independent C-store and partnering with the area’s independent buying association, Quick & Pure installed a Quick & Pure 4-foot in-store ice production system, delivering significant and immediate operational advantages.


Leveraging Quick & Pure’s self-contained, on-site replenishment system, the independent C-store began producing and packaging fresh ice, meeting customer demand ASAP.


Eliminating the reliance on erratic ice deliveries was a game-changer, allowing the store to move from apologizing for stockouts to growing its basket.


Utilizing C-store data, Quick & Pure configured and installed the right high-capacity machine to optimize ice sales, setting the independent C-store up for instant success.

  • THE Result

Quick & Pure technology empowered the independent C-store to take charge of its ice supply, driving record-breaking sales and profits — including a 76% surge in the highest volume sales day. For the first time, the store had breathing room to drive sales and, most critically, never run out of ice again.

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