How Quick & Pure’s Custom Build-Out Fueled an Auto Spa’s Ice Profits by 53%


How Quick & Pure’s Custom Build-Out Fueled an Auto Spa’s Ice Profits by 53%

  • The Background

What happens when you partner Quick & Pure’s innovative technology with a customized build-out to create a groundbreaking profit center? You get a Phoenix area auto spa’s tailor-made solution to ice stockouts.

This leading auto spa is located in the busy Southwest market and houses a premium car wash, gas station, and expansive C-store. Known for unparalleled service and premium amenities, the auto spa is a one-stop shop for its customers, with one high-demand exception — fresh, in-stock ice.

Customer Profile

  • Major market auto spa with C-store in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Problematic 3rd Party ice deliveries
  • Failed attempts at self-bagging ice
  • Unable to keep up with demand

The area’s 3rd Party ice supplier refused to deliver ice to the auto spa despite the location’s high traffic. The auto spa made several futile attempts to bag its own ice, failing to keep pace with demand. In addition, self-bagging was labor-intensive and messy, detracting from the modern, streamlined C-store feel its customers expected. Ice stockouts were an everyday occurrence, and so were disappointed customers.

  • THE Solution

Quick & Pure understood that the solution for the auto spa needed to be two-fold: ensuring ready-to-sell, freshly bagged ice in a user-friendly, attractive setting.


Partnering with the auto spa’s design team, Quick & Pure installed a custom 6-foot ice station built flush into a new wall, complementing the C-store’s aesthetic.


In addition to the indoor ice station, Quick & Pure equipped the auto spa with an outdoor merchandiser, optimizing supply with customer demand.


Quick & Pure’s seamless on-site replenishment and streamlined operations turned the auto spa’s ice deficit into an ice sales and profitability driver.

  • THE Result

Quick & Pure’s tailor-made solution catered to an enthusiastic customer base that traditional, 3rd party ice deliveries had long ignored, transforming the auto spa’s bagged ice sales from a pain point into a profit center.

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