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Building Operational Resiliency:

The Case for On-Site C-Store Ice Production

In today's dynamic market, resilience is no longer a luxury for C-stores – it's a necessity. Disruptions like supply chain issues, extreme weather events, and spikes in demand can cripple even the most well-established businesses. The key to navigating these challenges lies in building a robust and adaptable operation. Quick & Pure’s on-site replenishment technologies foster a new level of C-store operational resilience.

Here's how Quick & Pure Ice Stations can fortify your C-store against unforeseen disruptions, maximize your ice sales and profits, and never worry about unreliable ice deliveries again.

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Unwavering Independence

Quick & Pure’s in-store replenishment means you can produce and bag crystal-clear, high-quality ice right in your store. Its technology eliminates dependence on external suppliers, shielding you from potential delivery delays or shortages.

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A More Profitable Peak

Having a Quick & Pure Ice Station in your C-store means you keep up with demand and sell more ice — especially during peak season. Terrible's Herbst C-stores saw a 109% increase in bags of ice sold over Memorial Day weekend!

A Tale of Two Memorial Days

Memorial Day 2023

Before Quick & Pure

Bags Sold

Memorial Day 2024

After Quick & Pure

Bags Sold

Source: Terrible’s Herbst Market, Las Vegas

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Beat the Jones’

The days of keeping up are over. Quick & Pure allows you to take control of your ice supply chain and become the go-to store for in-stock ice ready to sell — unlike your competitors, who are left relying on unstable, unpredictable supply chains.


Weather the Storm

Extreme weather events can wreak havoc on supply chains. On-site ice production ensures a steady supply of ice regardless of the conditions outside—especially crucial during peak season when demand for ice soars.


Make Them Smile

Empty ice merchandisers are a recipe for frustrated customers. On-site production guarantees a consistent supply of fresh ice, keeping your customers happy and coming back for more.

Building a resilient business requires proactive measures. Quick & Pure’s on-site ice replenishment empowers C-store owners and operators to take control, mitigate disruptions, and boost the bottom line.

Build Operational Resiliency